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Knowing useful keyboard shortcuts can make you more productive and efficient. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts for Apple users.

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One of the most useful tools in the quest for productivity in office work is the use of keyboard shortcuts. The proper shortcuts can turn your keyboard from a writing tool into a command center for your computer. For Apple users, the proprietary keys can be daunting at first, but they offer a host of great shortcuts to make your workday easier. There are the old standards, such as cut and paste, but you can take it so much further.

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This key combination will allow you to cycle through open applications. Start by holding down the "command" key and pressing "tab" to cycle through applications. Each time you press tab, it will switch to the next application in line. This shortcut simply opens the spotlight search and moves your cursor into the search bar. This is a great tool to help you quickly get to a buried file or folder.

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If you use multiple displays this will be especially helpful, as this combination immediately puts all displays to sleep. When you have a finder window open, use this shortcut to open a direct line to a specific folder. Simply put the folder path in the space the appears and it will take you directly to the folder. By pressing "command" and the left bracket [ you can move to the previous folder.

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By pressing "command" and the right bracket ] you can move to the next folder. This shortcut is a life-saver for anyone who regularly works in Safari. This is the shortcut for "Paste and Match Style," which basically means you can copy and paste something without its previous formatting. If you need to quickly take a screenshot of your full screen, this shortcut will do that, and save it as a file on your desktop.

As you can see from the image above, Mobile Mouse Remote has more than just a basic QWERTY keyboard, but also includes a built-in number pad, and a keyboard made specifically for function keys and directional keys. The keyboards are switched between with the buttons just above the U, I, O, and P keys.

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Using these switching keys, you can easily go from typing, to carrying out a command on your Mac, to numeric input. The four multi-directional arrow keys, as well as up and down scroll keys are included as well for your convenience, as are the numbers 1 through 4 at the top. Screen captures will now be saved as JPG files. In case you are looking for the original image of Mac keyboard we used for this tutorial you can download it from here.

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It has been 7 years since we first published this tutorial and over time it has been viewed by several million users. We are glad that you found it useful and have shared it so many times on social media. Since then we have grown a lot and now we offer mockups that might come in handy if you are a designer and want to combine them with screenshots you have taken using methods above. Since there are too many mockups to list them in a single line we are presenting them in a beautiful list:. Why we even mention mockups here? Because we combine mockups with Mac screenshots to make product presentations such as these.

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Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. An easy step-by-step website setup guide written by web developers who have created hundreds of…. There is no other combination in Mac that would help you with process and you have to look for some 3rd party apps. For screen capture I use browser extension called Awesome Screenshot and it is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It works only in web browser but I believe there might be some other app specific solutions available for other apps as well.

To capture contents that are off the screen, you can use Snagit. It has a scrolling window screenshot mode which enables you to capture all the contents in a scrollable window. My MAC has lost its ability to capture print screens. Any troubleshooting tips you can offer? I updated to El Capitan, but this did not correct the problem. I used to be able to print screen with no problem. Make sure that all necessary keys on your keyboard are working fine and try to use different print screen methods to see if others methods does anything.

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For example all my screenshots are saved directly on Dropbox inside Screenshots folder as I have defined it. This information is great, but what do I do when none of these will work — no print screen saved anywhere? Does your screen flashes and makes this print screen specific sound? In fact I have the same setup. I am using an 5k iMac and it does work for me.