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Let's face it: you and almost everyone you know owns a MacBook. They're masterpieces of precision-made hardware, but they all look the exact same. Select from dozens of premium MacBook skins made of high quality, true-textured 3M materials. The "gem" design has a cool effect on the MacBook's look when light hits it, and you can find it in either pink or gray.

It's also available in the inch version. Apple trusts this brand enough to sell it in Apple retail stores. You can buy this gem of a case online, or you can buy a Tech21 case at your local brick-and-mortar Apple Store.

The 7 Best MacBook Covers of 12222

If you can have a leather case for your iPhone, then why not for your inch MacBook Pro? This synthetic leather case boasts the elegant and sophisticated look and feel of leather, but with an easy-to-swallow price tag. The bottom is fully vented, so there's no leather holding in heat, and the inner hard plastic shell helps protect against scratches and bumps. This case has been protecting Karen's MacBook Pro for about a year now, and both the laptop and the case are still in perfect condition. It comes tons of pretty floral patterns, as well as other fun patterns and solids.

The bottom is vented to prevent overheating. Choose from either the inch or inch size in this listing. Yeah, the MacBook Pro is a nice-looking machine, but if you want to keep it looking gorgeous, then you'll want a quality case for it. For just about anyone, the Mosiso Plastic Hard case is a great pick. It's sturdy and well-fit. The bottom piece is ventilated so your MacBook Pro won't overheat.

Rubber "feet" ensure your laptop won't slip around on your desk. You can choose from 25 beautiful colors. If you can't pick just one, well, the price is so reasonable that you can pick up a couple of different colors to suit your mood or the season. Note that some colors are more translucent than others; this is important if you want your Apple logo to show through.

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There is no cutout for the logo. Each Mosiso Plastic Hard case comes with a keyboard cover that matches the case. Give your MacBook screen a little extra protection with the included screen protector. Mosiso offers a one-year warranty on the case and the keyboard cover. This is a precision-fit case, so be sure to check the model number of your MacBook Pro before you purchase the case so it will fit.

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Best Overall: Mosiso plastic hard case. Pros: Great value Great color selection Keyboard case included Screen protector included. Great quality case for half of the price of similar products. Have had Speck and incase products in the past and the Lention is equally well made. Time will tell if the case is more robust and doesn't crack and break over time as the other products have.

The free port covers are welcome too.

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Only 4 left in stock. Makes me mac look nice" - by Jen. I've had this for a few months now and it hasn't broken. Maybe a bit of wear and tear here and there but what do you expect. Other than that, really like it.

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Makes me mac look nice. Barclay London, England. I love the bright orange plastic shell protector case which we bought to protect the exterior of my MacBook Pro. It fits brilliantly and whilst it makes the laptop slightly heavier to carry, nevertheless I have every confidence that it will do what it was purchased to do. Moreover, in stunning fluorescent orange, it is hard to lose in limited office space. Great value! Pros: - very protective; it covers the laptop very well from all sides, so that even if it fell it wouldn't get scratched - very steady; it hugs the laptop and has no gaps around Cons: - makes the laptop look bigger and weigh more, but that's logical for a hard shell case I think - the above transparent plastic is a little blurry and not clear transparent.

Perfect for Macbook 12" - the laptop is not squished in and has some room on both sides which I approve.

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Love the colour, softness of the material and the zipper seems sturdy. The small one fits my charger perfectly.

BEST and WORST MacBook Cases!!

Price is right too. As a student I wanted a product that would protect my new surface book 2 from drops and bumps, whilst also looking stylish and lightweight so easy to carry in my bag. This product delivers in all these ways, its material and cushioning offer ideal protection so far and it is slim and lightweight fitting perfectly in my bag.

Would definitely recommend. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.