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Mozilla is clearly not done with its user-shielding efforts. Clicking the shield icon in the address bar in Firefox 69 just gives you a flat list of cookies, both allowed and blocked.

The Benefits of Ad Blocking

Firefox 70 Beta takes things a step further by breaking them into categories, including Cross-Site Tracking Cookies, Fingerprinters , Tracking Content which effectively means "ads" and is still allowed by default , Social Media Trackers, and Cryptominers. The beta will drop a notification down from the address bar the first time the user encounters a Social Media Tracker, inviting exploration into the settings. Firefox 70 Beta also adds a new "blocking report," which allows the user to see aggregate statistics of all the content blocked in the past week.

Firefox has automatically blocked the autoplay of videos with audio content since April.

Firefox won’t follow Chrome’s anti-ad-blocker changes, says Mozilla

Firefox 69 adds the optional ability to block autoplay of all videos, with or without audio content. Turning this setting on can dramatically improve page load times and decrease battery usage and the amount of data consumed when browsing sites with tons of embedded videos.

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Firefox 69 also asks for user permission before allowing any Flash content to run. This will hopefully help light a fire under any remaining Web developers who haven't gotten the message about Flash's death certificate. Firefox users with Macbooks have long been frustrated with the browser's battery consumption. The necessary code is available in current Nightly builds or the most current Developer edition.

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How to Disable AdBlock on Chrome

Quick and easy in-page ad reporting. It's your browser.

What you see should be up to you. AdBlock works automatically, but it only takes a couple clicks to permanently allow ads on any page, or an entire domain.

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Don't mind text ads? You can easily enable them for Google search results pages.

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