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Whiteboard Testing creator. Striving to improve the testing craft. Final App Future I have another three talks to edit where the slides are in PDF, so this will provide me with a lot of value today. Interested in automation training? When you share a Live Photo, the animation is often lost. When you take a Live Photo , you may want to share it with family and friends.

The animated footage sometimes gets converted to a still image. The Lively app offers a simple way to save your Live Photos as videos. You can download Lively for free in the App Store.

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Then select Movie at the top of the screen. You can make a few minor adjustments to the video before you save it. You can change the length of the video by dragging the start or end bars. You can also save Live Photo as a video with or without sound.

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Tapping on the video turns the sound on and off. Additionally, the Sound icon is displayed in the bottom left corner of the video. Make sure you have your desired sound setting before you export your video.

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To save your new video, simply tap the Save icon in the bottom left. The video will now be saved in your Photos app. What is a GIF? A GIF is a short animation that plays on a continuous loop. GIFs have lower resolution than regular videos, and they show jerky and unsteady footage. Therefore, I recommend saving your Live Photos as video files. Plus, your Live Photo videos will be higher quality. Click here to watch this video.

Since iOS 11, the Live Photos feature has offered two new video effects. Loop makes a Live Photo play over and over. Bounce makes a Live Photo play forward and backward. The Loop and Bounce effects each create a continuous video. Tap on the effect you want.

It will immediately be applied to your Live Photo. You can always change the effect afterward. First, select the Loop or Bounce video. Then swipe up to access the Effects menu. Choose a new effect, or tap Live to remove the effect entirely. Go to your Photos app and find your content. Open it. L says:.

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