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As always in Office, the initial offerings on the menu are just the beginning. They can, and probably should change to suit your needs.

Clickable links to the document headings are more useful. Right align page numbers — justify the page numbers on the right edge of the page while. The headings become clickable links to that part of the document. The hyperlinks work in a PDF exported version of the Word document. This is a simple option to choose from Level 1 to whichever Level you want. More options are available by delving into the field codes. For example, you can have a document using Heading styles 1 to 9 but only display in the TOC the main headings.

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Table of Contents Options lets you change what makes a ToC. Usually the relation is simple i.

Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011 for Mac)

Heading 1 to Level 1 but that can change here. Table Entry Fields is an advanced option.

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Style Separators are yet another way to build a Table of Contents from just some words in a heading, instead of the whole line. The TOC can have multiple levels just like a numbered or bulleted list.

We often do this for drafts of long documents. The Table of Contents is expanded in the draft to show more and deeper levels of Headings. Before final release the ToC is changed to show only the main headings.

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How to Insert a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

Here are the overall steps to take. You can view the tutorials listed below to get more detailed instruction. Keep in mind that this is the shortcut method. Feel free to comment below if you need any assistance.

Quickly Add a Table of Contents to a Word Doc

Or email me directly to receive coaching: help [at] redcapeco [dot] com. Apply Heading 1 styles to the headings within your document. The rest of the headings are styled as Heading 2 aka H2.