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So there are some issues and with these zip codes, similar problems apply. And if you really want to, if you want an added challenge you could go in and fix this. Probably the easiest way to do is to look in this column. Look for anything that only has two letters in it, and then make sure you apply proper to that. So you can do a search and then apply the upper function to that.

How can we improve Excel for Mac?

So what you should do now is replicate everything that I just showed you. So take this data and convert it into the columns that you see here using the steps that I just went through. I am going to remove these columns. So pause this video right now. Give it a shot yourself. Okay, good. We want delimited. So we have a comma in between all of these. And Excel is giving this warning. So that can save us some time this time around. Trim is to get rid of the extra spaces in between here on this data.

Now what we can do is just paste all these as values and get rid of the unnecessary data. So we have that, and all of these are in place now. And then the same thing right over here.

Now these state abbreviations, what do we actually need to fix here? Well, the capitalization is already all correct, but we want to do two things. Number one is we want to separate the states and the zip codes, and then number two is we want to get rid of all these extra trailing spaces. So to do that what I can do is go to the top, and enter the trim function, equals trim.

Apply it to these state abbreviations, state, and zip codes really, so we have that. This time we have a space separating both of these, so we want that.

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And then destination cell, we want H3 right here. NOTE: Keep in mind that if you convert a formula to a static value in the same cell, you cannot go back to the formula. So, you may want to make a backup of your worksheet before converting formulas. However, you can also copy formulas and paste them as values into different cells, preserving your original formulas. Also, if your worksheet is set to calculate formulas manually , make sure to update your formulas by pressing F9 before copying the values.

5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Paste Values in Excel - Excel Campus

Select the cells that contain formulas you want to convert to static values. Click the Paste button in the Clipboard section of the Home tab and click the Values button in the Paste Values section. On the Paste Special dialog box, select Values in the Paste section. This dialog box also provides other options for pasting the copied formulas. NOTE: If you only need to convert one cell or a few rather than many formulas, you can double-click in a cell containing a formula and press F9 to convert that formula to a static value.

If the result of a part of a formula will not change, but the results from rest of the formula will vary, you can convert part of the formula to a static value while preserving the rest of the formula. This is extremely frustrating and has been doing so for several versions. Just exactly WTF is the problem here that can't be fixed? The dragging of a cell's values does not work. I have the same problem with many of my spreadsheets.

Keyboard Shortcut to Lock Cells in Excel (Mac Office)

So many people are reporting this. Isn't there a way to fix it? Same recently, I've opened this file for at least thrice before and it's the first time it happened. It depends how far away of the cells you're working in for it to work, sometimes I zoom in and out for it to work too. These methods work for a little time.

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  6. Same problem. I click on a cell and "halves" of two adjacent cells are highlighted. If I type my info in this "two halves" of one cell, the information appears in a random cell elsewhere in the document. I have never had a problem with excel until this new version on this new iMac and it's frustrating. Same problem with magic mouse and iMac, Excel v Same issue in Mac!

    How to Fix: #VALUE! Error - Excel 2016

    I can't believe that the Microsoft didn't fix the problem for three years. It is very annoying. Needs to be set as the default resolution for that display and NOT scaled. For everyone else i've found a helpful work-around is to unmaximise the screen and maximis again, seems to reset it for a period of time. Still annoying tho!

    To keep a constant value in Excel use the following steps:

    Same issue. I try clicking on a cell and it opens a different cell. Even when I miraculously get a curser into the correct cell, the cell opens and appears a couple of rows about so I am never confident what I'm typing is going into the correct cell. Very frustrating. Makes working with this software so hard, but I have no choice but to keep trying. Fix it please The file is a download from the bank, they send a ton of extraneous info.

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    I'n in normal view. I'm in Compatibility mode, using Office I'm pretty sure I am having trouble with the mouse using my online trading platform TOS selecting as well, just not quite as bad. I tried using the mouse pad on the laptop, thinking it could be the mouse, but it was worse. Windows 10 home. I'm not sure how to look for conflicting mouse software, but will research more as this has become a time consuming problem. I am beyond frustrated in the inability to select cells from excel and copy them into word, email, etc.

    I was able to do this so easily "before".