Formatting western digital for mac and pc

View All Products. Professional Photographers and videographers have their hands laid upon various digital devices. The role of the WD My Passport drive is crucial since the individual will leverage the portable media to safely store their collection of pictures, videos, audio, and docs.

But despite the best of the best device specifications; there remains one small glitch to rectify. In the next 5 minutes read, you will master yourself in formatting a WD My Passport safely and in a manner best suited for sharing your digital files between a macOS and Windows OS.

However, while doing this, there are things you have to keep in mind and follow the correct steps. Wait till the Windows detects the external hard drive and configure it as an expansion drive automatically. A new Windows Explorer window opens, on the left side of the screen; you will see a list of installed drives and their drive letters.

This name will represent your drive when you connect it with Windows Explorer or Mac and will be mentioned above the drive letter for the My Passport drive. Therefore, enter a descriptive name. After successful formatting, you can directly save or move files to it like any other external hard drive. A silly man-made mistake will permanently remove all of the contained pictures, videos, audio files, and docs instantly from the WD My Passport.

Why You Need to Re-Format the External Hard Drive

Hence, fasten your seat-belts and backup your WD My Passport before erasing. If you have already joined the data loss club unwillingly, then try running D-I-Y applications to recover data from Mac and Windows. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar. He addresses data loss scenarios on a Mac. He intends to help people solve their macOS problems. Besides, Vishal prefers to read autobiographies, and his personal favorite is of Steve Jobs.

View More. Hi Ive just purchased my passport for mac, usb-c and time machine ready, Do I need to follow all your steps or is it plug in and ready to go. Plug-in your drive and start your backups. Formatting means i lose al the data, but i just want to recover deleted files from the external hard drive with stellar… How do i fix this one?

Format WD My Passport for Mac, 10 Quick Steps

The only solution to making your hard drive compatible with a different operating system is to reformat the drive. This, however, erases all of the data on the drive. Plug your Western Digital external hard drive into your computer using the USB cable that came with drive. This is the file system that is compatible with your Windows computer.

Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the dialog box and the Western Digital hard drive is reformatted. Click the Western Digital Drive from the left pane and then click the "Erase" tab at the top of the dialog box. I have a document for you. You can drag and drop. Remember though, if your intension is to free up space on your Mac.

And the only copy of your documents now lives on your My Passport drive. What will you do if something happens to your My Passport drive? To find out the different ways you can use your formatted My Passport Drive on your Mac. Formatting uses up space on any hard drive. You should think of buying the next size drive up. Now that you have your WD My passport formatted for Mac you can take a look at my article.

It tells you all about partitioning your WD My Passport drive. The formatting procedure above will not stop someone using specialized data recovery software.

How to Format WD My Passport for Mac and PC

And use that software to recover your documents from your old My Passport hard drive. Select one of the security options there. And format your WD Passport drive using one of those options. It could take several hours to fully write over the drive. And at least you can rest easier. And know it will take way more effort to recover anything from your sold My Passport hard drive. Along with password protection for the drive.

The WD Security software controls and manages the hardware encryption. You might not want to when I describe a possible situation. And prefer to use the options provided by Mac OS for encrypting your hard drive. And to use Mac OS to add a password. Because, without the WD Security software installed. Plus when you share your My Passport drive between several Macs, the software must be on those Macs as well.

Imagine your Mac has failed. But wait the backup you need is on the My Passport drive. And to get to that backup you need the WD Security software installed. You can encrypt your data. There have been quite a lot of discussions on various forums with many people having problems formatting hard drives. I am sure Apple will produce a fix soon. But in the mean time to format My Passport for Mac try these suggestions.

Go to Disk Utility and expand the external hard drive list there step 4 above.

If your My Passport drive shows up in the list go ahead and format.