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Preschool Bus Driver, preschool games for little kids, features interactive and musical gameplay in a rich educational environment so that your little one can learn phonics for preschool, numbers to 20, counting, identifying each numbers name, letters, colors, and shapes. Cartoon voice narration will teach your toddler numbers in English, and to learn to count. This preschool game for little kids requires no wifi connection so that your child can learn the alphabet offline. Parents looking for toddler action games will love watching their kids have fun while learning. Preschool Bus Driver presents your little one with alphabet puzzle games in an engaging atmosphere.

The learning blocks that pop up are like little flashcards for toddlers. Looking for counting games for kids? Parents looking for infant games and games for babies NO ADS will find in these kids games with no ads a fun place to learn numbers names for kids and to play alphabet puzzle games for kids. The preschool games for little kids offline is big on numbers, including numbers to This free app has numbers 11 to 20 covered too!

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A toddler NO ADS game, Preschool Bus Driver delivers fun pre k learning games to toddlers, big babies and infants, preschool kids, and kindergarten kids. Parents looking for the best toddler games, letters numbers, baby apps or preschool learning games for little kids need not look any further!

Caregivers looking for baby games, preschool kids games, toddler learning games for kids, numbers and letter game for kids, or preschool learning games free offline will be happy they found one of the best baby apps around. Features: -One of the best toddler games -Awesome preschool kids games -An early learning games experience -Learn phonics for preschool -Learn each numbers name numbers 11 to 20 -Matching games for toddlers -Learn to count in a toddler action games setting -Learn letters numbers.

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Sep 19, 2 0. I like Dot Pop.

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It teaches hand-eye coordination, counting and patience. Buffsteria macrumors regular.

Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure

Jun 9, 0. This thread is really old but the situation still hasn't been solved. I can't find any software for my preschooler on the Mac OS X side of things. Her Ruby iMac G3 plays old educational games great, but she sits way too close and it worries me that her eyes could get screwed up. Plus my parents are going to give her a newer iMac.

I would like to be able to buy some current software, I just don't see any. Dec 10, 3 0. The End. Well, it's , and there are still folks like me, and others who posted here who would LOVE to have full screen learning games for their kids on their nice big flatscreens. But it does appear that medium is dead. Developers just stopped even trying after Mac removed Rosetta from the OS it seems.

Really a shame, because the alternatives that are being shoved down our throats are "Apps for your iPhone or iPad". On a big screen? For modern macs? Doesn't it seem bizarre that to do something so simple, we'd have to use old outdated computers? GreyheadNation macrumors newbie. Nov 29, 6 0. Hello everyone I see I am pretty late on the post but I thought it's never too late for a game recommendation! Please let me know if you guys gave it a try, I'd love to know what your kids thought! Dirtyharry50 macrumors May 17, 1, Download and install Steam if you do not already have it.

Then do a search on Putt Putt and Freddie Fish. The company releasing those games has some other series too I think that are great fun for little ones. From these they do have positive learning experiences interacting with the computer and learning to control it and to navigate around and enjoy what each title has to offer.

These are re-releases of very old titles setup to run on modern systems. I am going to recommend to my daughter soon that she get Steam and some of these old favorites for my grandson who will be 3 in February and with a little help they'll be great first experiences for him on the computer. They are colorful and feature wonderful kid friendly characters.


I remember well setting my own two little girls down in front of some of these along with the others mentioned that are no longer available and I soon had to compete with them for computer time. Guess who won those little battles? EdwardSmith36 macrumors regular. Jan 1, That's really so nice of you for being so responsible for your kids. Well, here is a link that will surely help you out. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.