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Fidelia easily integrates with iTunes and allows you to work with playlists as well as to play music formats that are not supported by iTunes, e. This one is a very simple Mac audio player for all music formats with a friendly and clean interface. Vox offers the the loop option as well as an unlimited cloud space to store your music. This player will work with various audio sources including custom playlists, iTunes library, online radio, etc. Work with it from the main window, Dock menu or main menu controls. To control the playback you can use keyboard media keys, headphone buttons and Apple Remote.

If you want to get advanced features you should activate Vox Premium version. It offers remote control, music streaming, interface skins.

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There is no doubt you will enjoy this fun music player for Mac. VLC supports most audio file types and can stream content.

What is high-res audio?

It allows you to create playlists and play not only music on Mac but videos as well. It is packed with lots of features but its functionality is neither complex nor hard to understand. The app aims to become all-in-one tool to cover different online audio services. Tomahawk users can sign up and enjoy music available on Spotify, YouTube, Jamendo, Google Play Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and many others benefitting from big audio collections from a single source.

This app also integrates with such free resources as Soundcloud, Soundhound, iTunes, Owncloud, etc. Clementine offers you a big set of features. It allows managing music in different ways: change the cover, queue, and manage playlists can transcode music formats with FLAC support, allows CD ripping and tag editing for batch processing of music files. This free music player for Mac gives you the opportunity to access different radio resources like Spotify, Grooveshark, SomaFM, Magnatune, etc.

The app easily plays music on Mac, so you can listen to your favorite audio CDs without problems.

Discover the best music player for Mac

Song lyrics, artist biographies, photos, podcasts, etc. The only feature that may disappoint you is its poor design and look which are not going to be replaced soon. Discover the best music player for Mac. Top choice. Elmedia 4. Get free website version. Olga Weis Oct 2, Elmedia Music Player. Elmedia Player. Requirements: OS X Version 7. Fidelia Fidelia is a classic music player supporting all HD audio formats and offering a great set of audio tools for the optimal experience CanOpenerTM headphone processor, Good DitherTM and sample rate converter from Goodhertz.

This was important when storage was expensive, but now storage is plentiful and cheap. Hi-res music files are available for download from a number of websites, including: HDTracks.

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If you're looking for suggestions on high-quality audio recordings, check out the reviews on our sister site, AudiophileReview. Here are a few great-sounding albums all available as hi-res downloads that I'd put on my list of desert island discs:. My current total storage need is approximately 2. I had to leave some of my more esoteric albums off the iCloud drive to fit under the 2TB size limit.

All your Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and PowerPoint presentations are automatically stored there and are available for collaboration between users. Amazon's Drive allows you to upload up to songs for free.

I currently use Apple's iCloud because I've been deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem from the first-generation iPod, but Amazon's value proposition is compelling. I am strongly considering making the switch.


The best free music players for MacOS

If anyone out there has made the switch, I'd love to hear about your experience in the Comments section. Playback Software Once you have begun to build your hi-res audio library, how do you play the files in a way that maintains their high bit and sample rate? The VLC player can be downloaded here. Why not just use iTunes? Some hi-res file formats like AIFF may be played by iTunes but will not be at their native hi-res rates.

I suppose you could also count Bluetooth as the fourth way, but I'm not convinced that, even with A2DP negotiating between the transmitter and receiver the best CODEC available, you aren't losing audible quality in the wireless transmission.

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Any of the above three connections ensures output of your audio files at the full resolution. Options one and two are still in the digital domain, so you will need to convert the signal to analog before sending it along its path that ultimately leads to your analog ears. Just remember to make certain that the DAC supports the highest quality files in your catalog.

System Requirements

The next component in line is either your preamp or integrated amp. My setup includes a tube preamp that has both a headphone output and individual right and left line-level RCA outputs, which then feed either my tube or solid-state amplifier I have one of each.

Help Guide | Connecting to a Mac

Either amp then leads to my loudspeakers. If I'm listening through headphones, they are fed directly from my preamp. My Results I am enjoying incredible results using my Mac as a hi-res server. When listening to the same song, switching only the file resolution, the iTunes files sounded flat and one-dimensional.

Wat zijn de BESTE Music Players voor Mac? - JRiver, sQ+, Roon, iTunes, of HQ player

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