Hp z840 vs mac pro

Can you say the same thing? OMG, come on, people. If I have a problem actually, only twice I can go to Apple and they will be responsible for the whole thing.

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PS: sorry about the double comment. Jeff you might as well have also a quick look at boxx. Your point will be even stronger after having created a few configurations with their line of products and their BTO options. Jeff of course the Surface Studio is less powerful than the iMac Pro… but its cost is in line with the iMac Pro and is also an All-in-One form factor workstation which many in the press were stating it was the iMac killer and the only choice for Pro user being disappointed at Apple.

Left out of the equation is that one intangible the OS. For me OS X is worth quite a lot.

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There is also the possibility of running Windows and Linux if necessary making an Apple system even more valuable compared to others. Facts are facts, my friend. Look it up for yourself before you spread your own vat of lies. Anybody want to answer that? That, and the fact your pricing for the HP and other components simply is wrong and inflated.

Thought so. Not in a thousand lifetimes. Collins, Colorado.

These machines are ridiculously engineered — so much so that HP has a standard 3 year warranty with them — yep, you get 3 years standard no Apple Care needed! After the experience of being at HP, it was settled that I was going to be getting an HP and the Z at the time, and now Z as the top end machine made sense for my needs. Here is how I configured the machine. While the HP Z is available with processors with higher clock speed and more cores 14 and 18 per processor I felt the dual 12 cores at 2.

Generally speaking, the more cores the lower the clock speed. While different apps use these characters differently I felt the s were a good middle ground. T he Z can handle in the near future 2TB of memory! Having true DCI 4k output was not a priority for me.

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I wanted the ability to directly support these drives without having to plug in elsewhere at my facility. A rack mount option was actually a really big deal for me as all of our gear is in a central machine room and having it rack mounted makes it secure and accessible. They allow you to slide the machine in and out of the rack making getting inside of the machine easy to do if you need to perform maintenance or install a new piece of hardware.

Of course EVERY computer manufacturer owes homage to Apple for super clean and functional industrial design when it comes to computer case design. The front of the machine is mainly composed of a large slotted grill that allows for efficient airflow from the front air in to back air out design. Having 4 USB 3 connections on the front of the case is nice. I can fill those up easily with connected drives, flash memory sticks and so on.

The other nice thing about the Z are the top handles that make moving the heavy machine around pretty easy.

HP wants to turn your Mac into a 44-core Windows PC

There is a block diagram, memory installation information and information on PCI slot configuration all stamped on the inside of the removable panel. I think this is a fantastic touch! How often have you been inside your machine only to not remember what PCI slot are which or what memory slots you should use and then you have to get up and Google the answer? Once these main covers have been removed you get really easy access to the PCI slots, memory, processors, power connectors and other areas of the computer.

Also much like an older style Mac Pro, the drive area of the Z relies on a pull-out and plugin approach for storage note you can configure the machine with PCIe based Flash Storage.

Review: HP Z Workstation - Studio Daily

The machine can handle 5 traditional hard drives, or you can configure the machine to get 8 2. One really nice thing about the drive sleds is they are also tool less. No need to screw those ridiculously small screws into the side of a drive.

RAM: 16 RAM slots for configurations of up to 512GB

The sleds allow to simply bend the side and place pins in to the sides of traditional drives. Moving closer in, here are the processor sockets and their heat sinks as well as the memory slots. Yes 2TB of Memory! The thing is the x16 slots are single width!

I really love this hardware! Besides the old school connectors on the back, this is a really well engineered machine.

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All of these things are important, but I want to go on record as a die hard Mac user — Windows 8. Nearly everything about Windows 8. And yes — Microsoft seemingly is emulating Apple going to 10 not X!