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Remove ads. More icons from the icon set Apps 45 raster icons. See all icons in this set. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.

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Facetime , Ichat , Mac , Text icons in Cartoon style. Free for commercial use You are free to: Use the icon for commercial purposes Share the icon Edit the icon Use the icon on merchandise for sale T-shirts, mugs etc. Use the icon on mass distributed digital goods You cannot: Sell the icon Note: It is nice to attribute the author, but not mandatory for this license type.

We love them in malls, on the subways and getting around enormous airports. Support the use of escalators with the newest escalator promotion tool: the Adium Escalate Menubar. Oldstyle Gaim 0 Comments I'm afraid I've never warmed up to the ducks.

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I came up with an alternative set of menubar icons, based on an older version of Gaim which I came to know as a Linux user in my pre-Mac days. Up until now I've always just copied them into A fully transparent version is included with the download which works better with several non-white shapeshifter themes. Leopard's iChat 4 menu icon can be downloaded here. Gems enhanced 1 Comments I just like Gems better than anything else and I like juicy colors.

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A modded version of Brian Latimer's iChat reverse icons: - the "online" icon has a transparent base looks a bit more bar-integrated - the "new message" icon is red and uses a gradient better eye catcher Occasionally, we may ask to screen share with you in order to troubleshoot a particular issue. A useful feature of iChat permits two users to share screens with each other while they have an audio chat.

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This feature can be incredibly helpful in allowing us to quickly diagnose problems as well as to visually show you how to correct problems. STEP 1: You need a free iChat account In order to initiate or receive a screen sharing session using iChat, you first need to have a account.

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You may already have an account that can be used with iChat, or you can quickly obtain one for free. If you have already used iChat before, then you have already set up your own iChat ID.

In that case, skip to STEP 2.