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Since then, we've heard little about the device, and no sign of it has materialized. In fact, Apple has scrubbed most of the mentions of the AirPower from its website, but because the device was mentioned in the user guides for the latest iPhones, it appears it hasn't been scrapped and is still in development, with Apple perhaps aiming to launch it in So what's the reason for the delay? Rumors suggest Apple was overly ambitious with the AirPower and has been having trouble with overheating, multi-device charging circuitry, and software bugs, all of which has led to a pushed back launch date.

We don't know when the AirPower might be coming, but it doesn't look like the product has been abandoned just yet, and it's possible we'll be hearing an update in the near future. Chip upgrades typically bring improved performance and efficiency, and the A13 will be no different. At least some of the iPhones expected in could use a triple-lens rear-facing camera setup for improved images, and a revamped TrueDepth camera system with a smaller notch is a possibility.

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Apple Pencil support could finally come to the iPhone in , and we've heard some mixed rumors suggesting the entire iPhone lineup will do away with 3D Touch, with all iPhones instead adopting the Haptic Touch feature of the XR. We'll hear a lot more about the iPhones as the year progresses, but it's sounding like the upcoming devices will have some exciting improvements to look forward to.

For more on the iPhone lineup, make sure to check out our iPhone roundup. Such a device would make the Apple TV interface and any Apple content available at a lower price point. Streaming TV Service Apple has more than a dozen original television shows and movies in development after starting to work on creating original TV content in earnest in and Many of the TV shows Apple is working on feature high-profile directors, producers, and actors, with rumors suggesting the first TV shows will debut in as part of an upcoming TV streaming service.

Apple could bundle its service with an Apple Music subscription and an upcoming digital magazine and news subscription, offering all-in-one access to paid news, magazines, original TV shows, movies, and Apple Music content, but standalone subscriptions are also likely to be available. Apple is said to be planning to launch the TV service in more than countries in , starting with the United States in early and then expanding to additional locations. At least some of Apple's original television content could be made available for free through the TV app, and Apple's own original offerings may be offered alongside subscription channels from companies like HBO and Starz.

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For more info on Apple's streaming TV plans, including a list of all of the TV shows Apple is working on, make sure to check out the original content section of our Apple TV roundup. For that reason, if the AirPower comes out in , we could get the aforementioned wireless charging case and the "Hey Siri" update for the AirPods at some point during the year. While second-generation AirPods with these minor updates could come in , Apple is also said to be working on a set of third-generation AirPods with a new design, improved water resistance , better Bluetooth signal, and noise cancellation features.

There's been some disagreement on when these higher-end AirPods might come out.

Unreleased iPad Mini With Redesigned Cellular Antenna Appears in Photos

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says not to expect redesigned, upgraded AirPods until , while Bloomberg has said some of these features could come in Given the delay of the AirPower, it's not quite clear what Apple's plans are, and whether we're still getting distinct second-generation and third-generation AirPods with different features. We can count on seeing some kind of AirPods upgrade in , but whether it's a minor update or a more significant redesign remains to be seen.

For more on the AirPods, check out our AirPods roundup.

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HomePod Rumors have suggested the HomePod isn't selling well due to its high price tag, which has prompted Apple to start development on a lower-cost version that would be more affordable. Little has been said about a second-generation HomePod, but Bloomberg has said a new model being developed and could come as early as For more on the HomePod, check out our HomePod roundup. Over-the-Ear Headphones To accompany the AirPods and the HomePod, Apple is rumored to be developing a set of high-end over-ear headphones that will be Apple branded rather than Beats branded.

Apple Releases Third Developer Beta of iOS 12.2

Apple's Beats Studio over-ear headphones The headphones are said to be "as convenient as AirPods" but with superior sound quality, and active noise cancellation features could be included. Apple's new headphones are rumored to be coming in , so we could see them alongside a HomePod or AirPods refresh at some point during the year.

Macs Mac Pro Though the Mac Pro hasn't been updated since , Apple is working on an entirely revamped high-end high-throughput modular version that will facilitate regular upgrades to meet the needs of Apple's pro user base. Apple announced the revamp in , but said that it wouldn't be finished until Apple is committed to making the upcoming Mac Pro the highest-end Apple desktop system available, allowing it to accommodate VR and high-end cinema production.

Modular Mac Pro concept from Curved. Apple plans to design the new Mac Pro to allow for future upgrades and higher-end hardware. The Mac Pro will be accompanied by an Apple-branded pro display, which is likely to be at least 27 inches with a 5K resolution. We don't know much about the display or specific details on the new Mac Pro, but we will hear more in For more on the Mac Pro, make sure to check out our Mac Pro roundup.

We've heard few rumors on what to expect in updated iMac and iMac Pro machines, but faster processors are always a guarantee and there's been some vague detail on display improvements. Check out our iMac and iMac Pro roundups for more details on Apple's desktop machines and upcoming rumors.

iPad Mini 5 is Coming and AirPower Release Date!

MacBook The MacBook didn't get a update, and now that it's so similar in design and specs to the MacBook Air, which now has a Retina Display and a slimmer body, it's not clear what Apple has planned for the MacBook. It could get a update with new processors and there has been some speculation that the MacBook will be the first of Apple's Macs to get an Apple-designed ARM processor in the future, but we'll have to wait and see. Right now, the MacBook is slower and more expensive than the MacBook Air, but it still has the benefit of being Apple's most compact machine.

Check out our MacBook roundup for more details on the MacBook. Other Macs There are no rumors, but we could see refreshed and upgraded MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models in , and perhaps a new Mac mini if Apple is going to adopt a more regular upgrade cycle for that machine. As for other iPads, Apple is said to be working on a refreshed version of the 7. An alleged iPad mini 5 case leak suggests the upcoming tablet could perhaps feature some iPad Pro-style elements, like four speakers, a Smart Connector, Apple Pencil support, and more, while rumors have said we can expect an improved processor and a lower-cost display, which indicates a lower overall price tag.

Apple is supposedly planning to boost flagging iPad sales with the smaller model, and the company is also rumored to be working on an upgraded version of the low-cost 9. The new affordable replacement could be somewhat bigger in size -- 10 inches instead of 9. Apple Watch There are no rumors about a refreshed Apple Watch just yet, but because the Apple Watch is updated on a yearly basis right alongside the iPhone, we can expect an Apple Watch Series 5 in What might be included in the update is anyone's guess at this point, but there have been rumors of additional health sensors for years, and Apple has proven its willingness to get involved with the FDA with the launch of the ECG feature in the Apple Watch Series 4.

For that reason, more advanced health tracking features could be coming, but we'll need to wait until later in the year to get an idea of what's coming. To keep up with Apple Watch rumors in , check out our Apple Watch roundup. We've already heard a bit of detail on what we can expect from iOS 13 and macOS The iOS 13 update is said to include several new features aimed at iPad owners, such as a revamped Files app, in-app tabs for opening multiple windows of the same app, support for using the same app side-by-side in Split View multitasking mode, Apple Pencil improvements, and new features for business users.

Features pushed back from iOS 12 include a revamped Home screen app grid for the iPhone and iPad, expanded photo management features, and more. This is an initiative that will include tweaks to both macOS What's Not Likely in iPhone SE iPhone users who prefer smaller devices have been hoping for an updated version of the 4-inch iPhone SE, but it doesn't look like Apple is working on a new 4-inch iPhone. In , there were some leaks and hints of a 4-inch iPhone under development, but a lot of this information was a combination of wishful thinking and leaked iPhone XR details.

The 4. AR Smart Glasses We've heard multiple rumors suggesting Apple is prototyping augmented reality smart glasses and virtual reality headsets, but while these products are in development, a release is not expected just yet. According to rumors, Apple is working on an augmented reality headset with a dedicated display, built-in processor, and a new "rOS" operating system based on iOS, with the "r" standing for reality. Apple is said to be aiming to finish work on an augmented reality headset by ahead of a launch it hopes will come in Wrap Up There are some exciting products in the works from Apple in , and we'll certainly see some unexpected surprises as well, as we do every year.

Make sure to follow MacRumors. Related Roundups: Buyer's Guide: Top Rated Comments View all. Well one thing is certain; we can expect higher prices. Apple need to get their heads out of their asses and snap back to reality. They should drop their prices back to a sane level, increase the quality control of their products, and especially bring the MacBook Pro back to its former glory.

A smaller, compact, iPhone SE successor wouldn't hurt either, idiots. Make gimmicky Touch Bar optional. Or better, kill it off altogether. Thank you. For example, The all-new iPhone, memoji with hats!

I expect all of these to be woefully overpriced compared to the competition leading me to immediately lose interest. A couple thoughts from a long-time MacRumors reader and Apple user: If Apple releases anything remotely like that, the last of the professionals and prosumers who saw Apple through the lean years will be fleeing to Debian, Ubuntu or Windows. A standard professional tower, not unlike the "cheese-grater" from , is all people want or need.

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