Iphone 5 not recognized in itunes mac

One of the reasons for " iPhone won't sync to iTunes " is that iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. It just doesn't show up at all. If you have the same problems, take a look at this guide on the following different iPhone not showing up in iTunes problems. Get immediate help on:.

[Issue Solved] iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone After Update to 12.9

Connecting iPhone to iTunes on a different computer; 5. Other general iPhone not connecting to iTunes problems. Now click on the very problem like iPhone won't connect to iTunes you have and easily help yourself out. For Mac users, compared to iTunes for Windows, iPhone not connecting to iTunes happens less often, but it still remains a headache for many.

You may often run into the trouble like iTunes upgrade every time you launch it, the lengthy files syncing from iPhone to iTunes 12, and iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows. However, you can still find solutions to "my iphone wont connect to itunes" through the guide below:. Q - "My iPhone won't connect to iTunes but charging is fine.

1. Update your software

My USB ports are all 3. Q - "My iphone is not showing up in iTunes as a device when plugged in, how do I fix this? For the error of iPhone not showing up on Windows 10, but connected to iTunes, please turn to the " Windows 10 not detecting iPhone " solution page. Q - "My iPhone connects to my computer but not to my iTunes.

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I tried to run diagnostics on iTunes, but it says it's unable to find a device Solution : Please plug in your iPhone to computer again after you try each of the steps below. Do this to ensure you have the latest version of iTunes. After unlocking, you may see an alert indicating "Trust this Computer? After this, restart both the computer and iOS device Must , which helps you correctly reset the lockdown folder.

Step 4 : Unplug all USB devices from computer. That being said, you'd better go with an original cable.

What to do when iTunes won't recognize your iPhone or iPad

Q - "I tried to connect iPhone 7 to my friend's computer because I don't have my computer at hand, but her iTunes can't recognize my iPhone , can someone help? If you've never downloaded apps to this computer there should NOT be a folder called "Mobile Application" this will make sense later. Step 2 : Plug iPhone to another computer, click "Authorize this computer" when you open iTunes and click "Store". Note : Normally this can help you when iPhone not showing up in iTunes on a new computer.

But if you're thinking of transferring videos, pictures or music, please read this guide on how to transfer files from iPhone to iTunes, please read this detailed guide. If that's true with you, please follow the instructions below to see how you can get through the problems;. Step 2 : Now exit iTunes, re-launch it to see if it takes you directly to iTunes U. Should this be successful, exit iTunes U again.

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  2. How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes on Mac/Windows;
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  8. Unlock your iOS device and go to the Home screen. Then reconnect your device.

    iPhone Won't Connect to Macbook Pro and Recognized by iTunes. How to Fix?

    If iTunes opens, close it. Click and hold or right-click the Start button, then choose Device Manager. Locate and expand the Portable Devices section. Look for your connected device such as Apple iPhone , then right-click on the device name and choose Update driver. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software. Open iTunes. Press the Windows and R key on your keyboard to open the Run command. Make sure to install the file that ends in. You want to install the Setup Information file.

    Disconnect your device from your computer, then restart your computer.

    What to do When iTunes Won’t Detect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

    Reconnect your device and open iTunes. Device Manager should open. Locate and expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers section. Connect your device to a different computer. Try to install the usbaapl If the issue persists, contact Apple Support.

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