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The last time it happened I just used the preferences to make it reappear method 1 , but I had to recreate all my custom shortcuts by myself afterwards. I figured that this is a fairly common issue, one that you may well have some good troubleshooting and solutions for it.

1. Organize desktop items into folders

Many thanks, Pete. I figured that this is a fairly common issue, one that you may well have some good troubleshooting and solutions for. Safe mode normally runs some checks so it might detect and repair the problem with starting up in Recovery. Another thought. Check that you have a Recovery Partition using Terminal with the command: diskutil list. Release the keys after about 30 seconds after your Mac appears to restart or after a second startup chime.

Hello Bob, that is an easy solution if the Favorites happen to be hidden. That will work in many cases, but the method above is a fix for a bug that makes the Favorites section disappear without any option to Show — even when you hover. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Search posts.

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    How to hide desktop icons on Mac

    This was super helpful. My favorites were there and then all of the sudden, they were gone. Also, I have Mac OS Maybe I should be more clear: ALL of my shortcuts are gone. Thanks for the help. Having said that, we can point out a few ways to make Finder suck less, which honestly is about all you can ask for.


    How to Clean Up your Mac Desktop

    This will add a bar at the bottom of the window that shows you the full path of your current folder. You can double-click any folder here to instantly jump to it. Next, run this command:.

    The search bar in the Finder searches the entire system by default, even though most users expect it to search only the current folder. For a long time, adding tabs to Finder meant installing a third party software, or replacing the Finder entirely with some other application. Well, you can assign particular views to individual folders relatively simply.

    Set up the destination to which you want to copy all images, like a folder or hard drive.

    What Is a Smart Folder?

    Drag the selection to the new destination. IDG You can create a smart folder that grabs all images indexed by Spotlight. Click the Privacy tab. Drag each library in that you want to exclude.

    How to access hidden files on a Mac

    Perform the search and copy above. Return to the Privacy tab and delete the libraries from the list. IDG HoudahSpot lets you construct queries against the Spotlight index, but has greater control over exclusions and conditions. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.