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Item B. Quick Info. W x 15in. H", "longDescription": "Unique tool box design keeps tools out where you can get at them fast and easy. Each box includes pegs for box end wrenches and sockets as well as slots for screwdrivers and ratchets. Side handles make moving easy. Item Homak 41in. D x 39in. Not Yet Rated.

H", "longDescription": "The Homak 41in. Includes EVA drawer liners and top mat. Compatible with 41in. Lifetime limited warranty. H, Model Folds down and out of the way when not in use. W x 19in. Tools not included. Homak H2PRO 41in. Homak H2PRO 72in. H, Model BK Homak H2PRO 36in.

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W x 13in. Limited lifetime warranty. Homak 54in.

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H", "longDescription": "The Homak 54in. Compatible with 54in. Homak 27in. H", "longDescription": "The Homak 27in. Compatible with 27in. Homak 36in. H", "longDescription": "The Homak 36in. Compatible with 36in. W x 18in. Ironton 26in. Coded lock with keys makes it easy to keep tools secure. Rolls on four 4in. Designed to support two additional compatible tool chests on top sold separately Made in U. W x 12in.

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D x 16in. Ball bearing slide drawers make it easy to access tools. Made in U. Homak H2Pro 18in. The H2Pro 18in. The hardware are built to last a lifetime and have been tested against the most severe of conditions.

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It comes with a trolley handle that easily retracts from its muscular body while dual handles allow for ease of carry with a buddy. Measuring some Ironically, only the third bottom drawer on the last third section of the Viper that is quite large enough for holding your bigger items.

Otherwise, the rest will be perfect for flat-bodied tools and smaller implements. As the name implies, these are large containers designed with exceptionally large capacities that can handle a variety of tools from the small ones to the larger implements such as drills, saws, hammers and wrenches among other things.

The nature of a tool chest actually defines its purpose. Since it comes with a large capacity then you can expect to put a lot more things into it. Some tool storage solutions also come with dividers or organizers that can make for a more systematic way of accessing different tools. For example, you can place all cutting tools in one drawer while all striking or hammering tools will be organized in another drawer.

Screwdrivers and other driver systems can also be categorized into another drawer. It is this sense of organization that is inherent in a well-designed tool chest that makes it appealing, but only to those who have an extensive set of tools. That being said, if you own a business such as an automotive repair shop, then it usually is wise to have a tool chest around. Or, better still, a tool cabinet will be more appropriate since this implement has an even greater capacity than a chest.

The good news is that majority of tool chests today are fully stackable or expandable. A single unit can actually be placed on top of another unit, giving it a more modular design. Your tools are not cheap.

click This is a substantial investment and you would definitely want it protected. But that is way too expensive. The next best thing is to invest in a tool chest that comes with enhanced security features. Tool chests may look the same featuring drawers and locking mechanisms in pretty much the same way as cabinets. However, there are certain features that you really have to look for. For obvious reasons the capacity of the tool chest you have in mind actually depends on the number and type of hand tools that you have or the different implements you want to store.

If you only have a handful of implements an ordinary tool box should suffice.

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Tools are heavy, no doubt about that. An adjustable wrench can easily weigh about half a pound.

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You also have other tools to think about. As such, the loading capacity of the tool chest is as important as its volume capacity. Most tool chests today come with to gauge steel while some go for thicker, heavier gauge. Also important consideration is the wall construction whether it is single or double. The drawers should be spacious enough to allow you to store and organize your stuff. You would also want the drawer edges to be somewhat rolled to give it added rigidity. Related Post: Best Torque Wrench. You may also want a drawer that has a flush design for space-saving purposes.

There are two types of drawer slide designs in modern tool chests. Friction or non-bearing slides work on the principle of kinetic energy. These are largely unsophisticated, but they do have a definite price advantage. They are also more robust and are more immune to failure, requiring only occasional lubrication.

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  5. These are very easy to reassemble, too. On the other hand, ball or roller bearing slides allow for faster, quieter, and more efficient opening and closing of the drawer. However, it is important to look at the load capacity of the roller bearings. You should always go for those rated at least pounds. Additionally, you will want a roller slide with full extendability.

    One of the reasons why you need a tool chest is to keep your implements safe. Most designs come with a tubular lock system that requires the locking or unlocking of a single drawer to lock or unlock the rest of the drawers. Some actually come with the more conventional padlock eyelet for inserting a traditional padlock. Whatever system of lock you may see, it is important to choose one that gives you the best security. Not all tool chests come with casters or wheels. In the case of rolling tool chests, casters can help improve the mobility of the storage solution.

    These should be made of heavy-duty materials and come with rubber coatings to help improve grip or traction while dampening rolling noise.