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In this case, an update might be available on the add-on's website.

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There may be other add-ons with similar features that are compatible with your version of Firefox. The Add-ons site is a good place to find alternatives. Share this article: Was this article helpful? Home Firefox Fix slowness, crashing, error Problems with add-ons, Re-enable add-ons that were disabled Not sure if your add-ons are affected?

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Tab Mix Plus is a must-have extension if you want super fine control over your tabs. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? More than a decade ago, Firefox -- then known as Firebird -- introduced browser tabs to the masses. Tabbed browsing quickly became a While Tab Mix Plus is great, many users have reported problems with its session recovery feature.

If it seems like overkill for your browsing habits, try Multiple Tab Handler. If you open any more, you have to click on a tiny arrow at the right of the tab bar to get through all your tabs. One way to delay this cluttering up of the tab bar is by optimizing how the tabs appear. The extension scales down the size of tabs, makes pinned tabs slimmer, and even compresses the Firefox button to give your more space on the tab bar.

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It allows you to preview a tab in a popup when you hover over the tab. You can resize the popup from the extension preferences if you want a bigger preview. One easy way in which you can deal with an excess of tabs and find the right ones easily is by rearranging tabs in a tree-like structure. Tree Style Tab does that for you. Check out these beloved Firefox-only extensions that are so useful that you may be swayed over from whichever other browser you currently use.

Once you install Tree Style Tab, your tabs appear in a sidebar within your browser window. You can choose to have the sidebar on the left or the right, change its skin, set its width, and make several other tweaks from the extension preferences. You can also see at a glance how the tabs are related to each other. Any links that you open from a particular web page have a child-parent relationship with the latter. I organize everything hierarchically.

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How did I get by until now without "Tree style tab" in firefox and "Tabs outliner" in chrome. Here are some useful tips for using both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox together! You know, you can extend that functionality to Firefox Downloads as well with Download Tab. Keep the tab pinned for easy access.

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You can hide the tab bar even when you have more than one tab open. It allows you to use a hotkey to make the tab bar disappear and reappear. Feeling too lazy to do that? No problem. You can set a timer to autohide the tab bar. Essential Keyboard Tips for Mac Newbies Moving from a Windows PC to a Mac can be a shock in many ways for new users, so here's a quick start guide to adjusting to a Mac keyboard layout. Also, you might face unique compatibility issues. Despite these possibilities, each of the extensions that we have listed here is worth trying out.

Also need some tips for dealing with bookmarks? Here's how you can add notes to your bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox.

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Explore more about: Browser Extensions , Mozilla Firefox. Your email address will not be published. Till you can find one, Tree style tab might help a little with tab management. Thank for your article. A small mistake: The link associated to "tile" doesn't link to the Firefox extension, but rather to the ad of a little ringing device to find lost objects. Any idea whether TabMixPlus will be updated to work with the latest Firefox browser?

Until it or something that allows multiple tab rows on v. Unfortunately, it seems doubtful as of now, Grant: We'll probably have to get creative and piece together different add-ons to replicate the functionality of TabMixPlus. I'm out of add-on recommendations right now.

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Maybe the long list of extensions mentioned a couple of comments below by another reader with a tab-heavy browser will prove useful: I have been through the listand it is a very useful one, however, the really useful ones [like Tab Manager] come up with 'Not supported in in your current version of FireFox [ I'm looking at Vivaldi which may have possibilities It saya you can restore tab groups with add-ons and provides a link, going to the link you find it's incompatible with the current FF, the rest are not useful to me because the way I use tab manageris to make categories[ effectively a dirs labelled med, sci, games, sport etc] and clicking on one shows me all the tabs I've found in that category reminding me of some and easy reference for others.

Also if I choose a link or start a new one , it stays in that category. So far I can't make a different colour and dragging seems to work sporadically. Containers have potential but recreating links and sometimes container labelling seems skip [could be my fat fingers or impatience].

To be frank, if browser X had a tab manager, I'd jump on it like a drowning sailor, already tried Chrome without luck. As for the tab bar filling up, you don't have to use the arrow; you can scroll them with the mouse wheel. And, since some people still don't know this, you can close a tab by middle-clicking it, and you can middle-click links to open them in new tabs.

For managing usually more then tabs in Firefox I use the following add-ons: That's quite a long list. I'm wondering if installing all of those extensions will cause more harm than good They're still useful though, so thank you: Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!