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Nice finding, definitely it is possible to print using Bonjour but Did not work as well for me. I still have a crippled color laser printer using this method, i. Does anybody know how to bring it to Netgear's attention since I do not know how aggressively they monitor user forums, especially for Mac OS issues? I just thought the more times it is raised may provide some impetus to to do something. I do not see any means to do this besides through support. My support services expired and it does not seem worth buying extended support since they explicitly say they provide support for Windows only.

I only bought the Netgear R since one review stated it was compatible with Apple TimeMachine external drive formats. Of course I could never get that to work like advertised so have an external drive now attached directly to my Macbook Pro for TimeMachine to work. I never imagined the USB printer support would also be an issue.

I am on the verge of chucking the Netgear equipment and starting over. I got rid of Apple Time Capsule because the wifi was so weak. I am sure that it will not take two years to release an update to the most lazy OS community. Yes, One always expects glitches on major OS updates.

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But these are typically rapidly resolved. For every other peripheral device I own, they are ahead of the game and anticipating the release. There is always new software for my devices for the Mac OS update. Not true with Netgear. I do not anticipate this being addressed any time soon if at all. Makes no sense that one of the big 3 router companies does not have the ability to do this.

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I will dump Netgear equipment and change to another brand router. It is not worth the hassle for what are essentially cheap pieces of hardware. Same problem here. Hope that MacOS My understanding is that Netgear charges subscription fees to access support services. I would hate to do that only to be told there is no fix and that one simply has to wait for them to get around to making the fix. Hardly seems worth it. I checked to see if I could connect my printer without it.

My printer was now listed as a "Bonjour" option for installation! Where is it listed as a Bonjour option for installation without the utility? I did not understand your sequence of steps. AFAIK there is no special menu for bonjour. It would be really nice if Netgear would take the time to make the router's USB functionality accessible for Mac users, in a way that doesn't involve a shockingly buggy app that looks like something from the s. Community Home Community Browser: I've tried to do this, but I haven't been able to make it work. Would you mind sharing the procedure you followed?

I suppose that is some sort of IP address? The original printer name also appears in the list. I just switch this new printer as the default printer. He deleted the bad installation then uploaded his own installation. However he received the same error message. He then got second level support on the phone with us and they asked a bunch of questions then stated that Control Center is not supported in High Sierra well no Schitt Sherlock LOL and they are aware.

Second level guy stated that have numerous open cases for this issue and they have been working on a solution.

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  5. However they have no estimated date of a fix. I am very disappointed with Netgear. I am a Mac man and have never used Windows. This is the worse support I have ever experienced for my Mac devices. Thanks for doing all that follow-up work. I cannot say it is any surprise. I have been disappointed with both the Netgear hardware and software from the outset.

    I only switched from the Apple TimeCapsule about 8 months ago to try to enhance wifi range, so this is my first forray from Apple hardware. Another reminder why I hate the Windows world. Setting up the Netgear I had flashbacks to a PalmPilot. Tech support emailed me a new USB tool 2.

    I just printed using the printer connected via USB to my R I also did a firmware update to V1. I don't know if the firmware update was needed for new UB tool to work but everything works now. Thanks Netgear! They asked me for feedback so it's possible that it has not been released yet? Although I was able to print, I did have a small issue. So maybe 2.

    ReadySHARE Printer Utility Version 2.40 (Mac - Supports MAC OS 10.13 and above)

    I just checked and it is a beta. Sounds like the official release is around the corner. Ok thius is starting to get really irrating. Message 4 of Select the device name under Devices on the left hand side of the Finder i. R 3. Click on "Connect As Login using the router's username and password default - admin and password 5. Leave the Finder open then open the Time Machine app 6.

    Setup Time Machine. Message 5 of I have done this with three different external HDs. I'm able to connect from finder. I see the drive on the left. I launch Time Machine but the external isn't listed. Only Airport capsule is This is so frustrating! Any ideas? Message 6 of Are the drives available when you connect via smb smb: Did you get to the part where you logged in using the router's username and password? Message 7 of Yes, I did get to that part.

    Truly, I have no idea what's going on. Did you create a Time Machine backup prior to reign to connect via readyshare? Although that shouldn't matter.

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    Message 8 of Message 9 of I have done this. The only difference I see with your pics above is that my HD doesn't show separately in Finder as yours does. Instead, it only appears as P, T, etc. I wonder why Message 10 of