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I thought it was clear that it must include only the remote directory, not the server name. Suggestions: 1 launch this on the mac terminal: Code: Select all ifconfig grep broadcast and you get something like: Code: Select all inet In that case, go to the System Prefs, Network and check which one is which one and decide which one you want to use I would say the wired one.

Of course you can also check directly in System Prefs, Network without using the terminal, if you know where to look. Anyway, take the IP of the interface you chose and put it in Volumio as server address.

Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell by Jason McIntosh, Chuck Toporek, Chris Stone, Andy Lester

Under file menu mount is grayed out and there is no nfs mount in menu. Vivek — Brilliant! This was the solution! Great, great job!!!! With OSX After a solid week of having permission denied messages etc..

How to reproduce the problem

Stolen from Apple Discussions :. Few days ago i run into same problem. I have Ubuntu server and want to mount some folders from there… Anyway, I was solved this problem this way: — on Ubuntu — 1. You have to have rw access to shared folder on your server.

Problem cause

There are two major flaws with the mount instructions above: 1. It is easy to NFS-mount disks read only in Osx is going to pick a random low-numbered port to connect on and this will be blocked on the nfs server. I has no problem at all setting up a NFS client for my macOsx The only thing is that diskutil does not support it but terminal does!

The problem is the dynamic port the mac client try to access. For you who have a Linux nfs server, this is probably is off interests.

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  5. I have tried many options and variations of this command, but have been unsuccessful so far — does anyone have an idea how this can be done? Then on linux I do this: sudo mount And it says: mount: Thanks for your article how could you configure your export for mounting without option resvport?

    OS X Kerberized NFS is incompatible with Active Directory

    Just do mount, then you will mount as the user and not as root. Still, have a question? Get help on our forum! Skip to content.

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    I will post it here incase others have the same issue. But thats Apple for you. What I found was this. When you mount an NFS to the root Volumes it causes all kinds of headaches with the other volumes as they attempt to access and use the NFS one.

    here This caused all my partitions and drives to be unuseable when mounting an NFS volume. Here is my command to do it, and everything is working flawlessly for me.

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