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Here is how to search and download the revelant data. Open the South America region subsets.

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Click on any one of them. In the details page, click the 2km link under the product of your choice. Here we will download the NDVI product.

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Learn more about NDVI. Repeat the process for all 7 FAS subsets for Brazil. One word of annoyed advice here: Mac OS protects you from opening and running files from unidentified developers.

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Unfortunately this is the case for all files I reference in the course of this blog post…. Again these disk images contain package files that need to be installed. Needless to say that the disk image contains a package file that needs to be installed.

Setting up QGIS 2 on MacOS X 10.9 Mavericks

Then, and only then do we have all the necessary frameworks and packages that QGIS itself depends on, hence we can proceed to install the beast itself. Notice that the complete installation of QGIS including all aforementioned frameworks will occupy roughly half a gigabyte of space on the hard drive. If everything went smooth you should now be able to startup QGIS for the first time and be presented with the UI and should also be able to load and display some data here, a SHP file :.

Download and Install QGIS 3 4 - what's new?

Now that was easy. Too easy you say? Local access from within my home network would be sufficient for now.

The installation itself is easy, since the downloaded disk image once again offers only one package file to chose from. To install it you just drag the.

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Starting it up and entering the server credentials should do the trick. In my case, and chances are in most cases, this is what you will be confronted with:.

Bezpłatne oprogramowanie dla redaktorów danych

You will see many many comments marked by and all the access rules for your server. The easiest albeit quite unsafe, see below way to fix it is to simply add this line to the end of that file:.

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Raster Mosaicing and Clipping — QGIS Tutorials and Tips

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