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Full disclosure: The developer of iStat is a friend of mine, but I used the app for years before we met. I still use it to see if my chips are really being pegged by video coding, especially when it seems slow. I'm fine with percentage but what about you? Will you be using Activity Monitor? FruitJuice or iStat? Something else? Let me know!

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We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? If you're looking to carry around you're new MacBook Air with something that will protect it when you're on the move, here are our favorite options.

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To get to it, you can: Click on the on the Battery icon on the right of the Menubar. Click on the name of an app using significant energy. Look at Time Remaining at the bottom of Activity Monitor, once it launches.

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Click on the Energy tab at the top. Look at Time Remaining at the bottom. FruitJuice and iStat In addition to its own "time remaining" metric, Apple provides an application developer interface API for developers so they can pull a "time remaining" number as well and use it in their own apps. Will you be adding your time remaining back? MacBook Pro Main. Come home, Snoopy 'Snoopy in Space' hopes to get kids excited about space flight again What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station?

Take your MacBook Air everywhere! Don't carry around your new MacBook Air bare! Get a case! The discussion topic he posted in and others are littered with similar claims of sizeable percentage drops in mere minutes. Other claims on Reddit include anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours to 6 hours — sometimes more, and sometimes less. Conversely, some users report battery life. Apple's so-called "iPhone 6c" will have a 1, mAh battery, slightly larger than the iPhone 5s battery's 1, mAh capacity, according to Chinese website MyDrivers [Google Translate] via Gadgetz Arena.

Apple's suppliers will reportedly begin mass production of the much-rumored smartphone in January ahead of a possible March announcement and subsequent April release. At least five sources have now predicted the "iPhone 6c" will launch in early since rumors about the device began circulating this year. In November, often-reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara reported that Apple has developed a new 4-inch iPhone that is essentially an iPhone 5s with sixth-generation iPod touch features, including an A8 chip, The "iPhone 6c" may also come in at least three colors and lack 3D Touch.

Last month, rumors and photos of a battery that looked very similar to an iPhone battery suggested that the iPhone 6s' battery capacity would be lower than the iPhone 6's. In the video the iPhone 6s is dismantled and viewers can see that the battery is marked " mAh". Rumors also indicated that the iPhone 6s Plus would see its capacity drop down to mAh from the iPhone 6 Plus' mAh. While the iPhone 6s Plus' true battery capacity is currently unconfirmed, confirmation of a lower capacity will likely come in the next few weeks as the device is subject to teardowns and technical breakdowns.

It's likely the smaller battery size is due to multiple factors. Additionally, the new Taptic Engine takes up a significant amount of space that had previously been devoted to battery, meaning the Cupertino company had to cut down the battery size to compensate. Thanks Brandon! Apple lifted the embargo for large websites to publish their Apple Watch reviews this morning, providing us with detailed insight about various functions of the device. Battery life in particular has been one area of interest for several prospective Apple Watch buyers, and most early reviews found the Apple Watch to fulfill its promise of all-day battery life on a single charge.

Well-known tech journalist Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal offers one of the better looks at the Apple Watch's battery life in her video of using the device in day-to-day life. The video keeps track of how much battery life the Apple Watch uses while Stern goes about her daily routine in New York, with the device fully charged at AM and having five percent remaining at just past midnight. Apple confirmed last month that the Apple Watch will have up to 18 hours of battery life with mixed usage, and last up to 72 hours in Power Reserve mode.

We've compiled those findings in the roundup below. John Gruber, Daring Fireball:"After more than a week of daily use, Apple Watch has more than alleviated any concerns I had about getting through a day on a single charge.

How to check the battery life of your AirPods on various Apple devices, including your AirPods case

I noted the remaining charge when I went to bed each night. It was usually still in the 30s or 40s. Once it was still over 50 percent charged. Once, it was down to And one day — last Thursday — it was all.

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  • Apple has outlined specific information about Apple Watch battery life on its website, claiming that the wrist-worn device gets all-day battery life of 18 hours on a single charge based on mixed usage, and up to 72 hours in Power Reserve mode. The battery testing was conducted in March using a preproduction Apple Watch paired with an iPhone running preproduction software. Apple claims that the Apple Watch has battery life of up to 3 hours for talk time, 6.

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    Apple Watch charging times are listed as about 1. Apple's claim of all-day battery life is based on using the Apple Watch for 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth over the course of 18 hours. Apple used a 38mm Apple Watch for testing and claims that the 42mm will generally experience longer battery life. For those customers interested in taking advantage of the iPad Air's ability to allow other devices to tap into its LTE data connection, Apple's latest iPad continues to offer a robust 24 hours of battery life as an LTE hotspot, far more than dedicated MiFi hotspot devices, reports AnandTech.

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    In reality I'd expect to see a burstier usage profile, but that's something for me to test down the road. A total of Just like last time, you'll likely burn through your monthly data allotment before you run out of power. The iPad Air is of course a much larger hotspot solution than dedicated MiFi devices, but for those who may already be carrying an iPad Air to use on its own, it continues to provide a solid option for delivering cellular data access to.

    Last month, it was discovered that Apple quietly tweaked the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2, equipping the device with a smaller nm die shrink of the A5 system-on-a-chip previously used in the line. The tweaked iPad 2 carries an internal identifier of "iPad2,4", which was first spotted in an iOS 5. A similar die shrink of the A5 was found in the new Apple TV, and it appears that Apple made the move in order to test out production of next-generation chip processes in lower-volume devices.

    The A5X used in the third-generation iPad continues to be based on a nm process. Anandtech has now. MacBook Pro Fall ? Possible high-end inch model. See Full Product Calendar. During Apple's earnings call for the fourth fiscal quarter of this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he believed that the Apple Card had the "most successful launch of a credit card in the Apple has asked the United States government to exclude Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, iPhone components, and other devices and parts imported from China from the 15 percent tariff that went into The show, which The service now has 94 games available on iOS and tvOS, as well as 87 titles on the The deal is expected to close in Over the course of the last few weeks, Apple has promoted several of its senior directors and given them vice president titles, reports Bloomberg.


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