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In fact, she's offering to assist any mac user who posts on her site and provides specs and a card's Device ID. You'll know it worked when your deviceconfig says "[Found: 1, Matched: 1]" after your card name. And if you do take her up on her offer, please let her know that it worked! Still, the improvement is obvious, at least to me. The first pic in each pair is before, and the second is after. I used clean folders for both, with the same save copied fresh into each. The resolution was x, and all the graphics settings were maxed out except for high detail lots.

The shadows across a sim are still not perfect, but I think they're a lot better. Before on the left, after on the right:. Thanks in advance! What happened guys? How can I fix this? The party is over and 2 sims won't leave when the wedding party is over. When I click ask everyone to leave it doesnt work. Help please. I can't download a lot of things because my game won't update. I click on the "Update Now" button several times, but each time it will act like its updating and then just stop.

Please help! I posted this in the technical forum but thought i'd post it here in case it was a mac specific problem. I installed pets today and loaded up my family after not visiting them for a couple of months and nobody can get down the spiral staircases! They can go up just not down!

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Anyone know what might be causing this? I tried deleting the stairs and adding in new ones but whenever a sim tries to go down them it comes up with the same message that something is blocking the way even though nothing is and the sims have used the stairs hundreds of times before! Can anyone help? And whenever I would try to play it it would always say to insert disc when the disc was already in my computer. And whenever i actually get a chance to play the game it always crashes after a few minutes especially when i am trying to create a sim.

However, I still had the icons on my MacBook Pro. I read in a Sims 4 Facebook group that if you send a picture of your game and packs to EA as proof of purchase, they will send you a downloadable version of them with a new activation code for free. Is this true? The launcher shows up fine but when I select play game it gets stuck on the blue screen with the plumbob, and after a few minutes an error shows up saying "there is a problem connecting to the server. Make sure your internet is active. I'm at a loss, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I needed a new computer so my boyfriend got me a mac, meanwhile all of my sims games are digital downloads is there any program out there I can run that downloads them that I don't have to pay for? Do you wish to debug it? Yes No Whichever option I press, the game quits.

Please help me fix this Hi, I know this question has probably been asked a bazillion times. I decided to install all of them, and alas, I get the "unknown error. I still can't launch it with just the base game. I haven't been able to find anything here on my specs.

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I saw something about an Iris Pro. I don't know much about computers. I'm just wondering if it will ever be possible to play TS3 on my Mac. If so, how do I fix this error? Here are my specs: MacBook Pro 15", Processor: 2. Hi, does anyone know how to remove TS3 from mac? After updating my sims 4 Its been a while since I played I decided to create a new sim the face is gone literally invisible but the other things clothes,hats,hair,body parts etc.

A few people with Macbooks containing those cards have already found that they can only play the game with their graphics on the lowest settings, which means their game looks rubbish. Some are also experiencing gameplay problems, but these may not necessarily be connected to the graphics cards. If you have a Macbook with Intel Iris Pro, please post your specs here and tell us if you are having any problems with graphics in your game.

Unfortunately the Intel Iris Pro card is not on the list of those supported by EA for The Sims 3, so help is unlikely to be forthcoming in that regard. However let's see if we can gather some information amongst ourselves. Please post here if that includes you so that we can confirm this. If you are being affected, try turning down all the graphics settings in-game to the lowest. Your game will look horrible but you should be able to play. Now you can try to edge some of the graphics settings up a bit to make it look nicer - you may need to make decisions on which things matter most to you.

For example I would sacrifice mirror reflections to get the grass looking nicer, but that's just me. It would be great if you post your findings here for the benefit of other simmers trying to do the same. Share the knowledge! However it would be great if you could post too, for confirmation that this is the case and that you can use higher settings in your game.

Unfortunately, if you have the 15" entry-level Macbook, you may be in the same position as those with the 13" and may only have the option of the Iris card. Thanks all! I opened my game up today and found I had no sound. My sound works on YouTube, videos, etc. Anyone know how to fix this?

I tried restarting the game and fixing it via origin. I have a MacBook Air if that makes any difference.

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So, I'm in the process of downloading Supernatural and this keeps happening- It'll ask me to select a 'volume' where the Sims 3 is already installed, and I'll select the folder where I keep it. Select a volume where the The Sims3. I need help, and I really need to not install and re-install the game.

So I know Macs are great for the Sims 3 don't get me started. It's the number one selling computer- to ignore that when making a game is just plain stupidity This is a brand new MacBook Pro 15" 2. And I have had nothing but issues with it since opening it on Thursday.

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First, I downloaded Islands Paradise and it was stuck on finalizing. Cleared Origin's cache. No longer Finalizing. Then, it kept getting stuck on a Black Fullsize screen upon booting up the Sims 3. Made a new Admin account. It worked fine, yay!

How to install Sims 3 on mac

Then Apple made me transfer my stuff from my old admin account to this new one they legit made me screenshare with them and moved stuff over. Then the Black Screen is back. I deleted all my admin accounts. Unistalled Origin and all my Sims games. Made a new Admin account, reinstalled everything took 9 hours. I've contacted EA so many times and they told me they literally don't have anyone who works with Macs.

Sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" Macbook Pro?

I've been crying so much over this. My Macbook didn't have these issues. And I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. Please, if there is anyone who can help me Maybe this can be a sticky? I just wrote this on ModTheSims, but figured I'd post here as well in case this helps anyone. I figured I could do a better job organizing my own content as.

I'm not impressed by EA's latest products at all. If we want to play this game I guess we have to come up with our own solutions to make it work. So, just want to help other Mac users in case they are looking. There IS info out there, but it's all scattered. I'm using a Mac Lion Open your Terminal. You can just search Terminal in Spotlight, highlight it and hit enter.

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As per the linked thread above: 3. And then hit enter, and it should open the program.