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All Files. In the Preferences dialog box, select the Shortcuts tab. From the Shortcut Set list, select the desired set. Customizing a Keyboard Shortcut You can also customize most of the shortcuts. To set a shortcut: 1. In the left pane, select a category and then select a command to modify. Click on the shortcut rectangle above the right pane. Switching between Motion and Stop-motion Keyframes You can switch a keyframe from stop-motion to motion at any time in the Timeline view and Function Editor.

On the right side of the Timeline, select one or more keyframes to be modified. To swtich between motion and stop-motion keyframes in the Function Editor: 1. Open the Function Editor.

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In the Timeline view, double-on the layer that contains the keyframes that you want to convert. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.

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In the Timeline view, click the Expand Function button and double-click on the function to edit. Select one or more keyframes to modify on the Function Curve. Select or deselect the Stop-Motion Keyframe option to set a stop-motion or motion keyframe. Setting a Different Colour for Stop-motion and Motion Keyframes In the Preferences dialog box, you can set a different colour for your stop-motion keyframes in order to create a greater visual difference in the Timeline view.

SystemConfiguration 1. CFNetwork Framework AE HIToolbox 2. AppleFSCompression 49 - 1. Heimdal 3. LaunchServices ImageCapture 8. CoreText DiskArbitration 2.

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AOSKit 1. CoreServicesInternal CoreAUC 6. DiscRecording 7. QuartzCore 1. RemoteViewServices 2.

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SoundManager 4. ScalableUserInterface 1.

VideoToolbox 1. CoreData NetFS 5. LangAnalysis 1.

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OSServices Symbolication 1. CoreAudio 4.

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Cocoa 6. TrustEvaluationAgent 2. CommonPanels 1. QTKit 7. QuickTime 7. AudioUnit 1. AppleVAFramework 5.

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TCC 1. GenerationalStorage 1. CoreWiFi 1. DisplayServicesFW 2. CFOpenDirectory ISSupport 1.