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Old flight sims with serial joysticks. I have some very old flying apps designed for mac classics and up to macs. Sadly no Microsoft fly. What do I keep and what do I get rid of. Do I keep a MP?

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I have some brilliant Heavy duty Laser printers with very low milage. Loads of toner. Old Epson serial printers.

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Just to say that the Mac Garden links for OS 9 are mostly dead, I myself have had problems, firstly for a full install on a late MDD, and more recently to set up Sheepshaver. I eventually found all the necessary using your OS general advice and building from there and now have copies of everything I require for both, but getting hold of the originals is becoming increasingly difficult. Glad you got things working. However your link above IS still working today!

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I just discovered today that a decent Sheepshaver tutorial and working links to an OS 7. I struggled for 3 days to figure out why every boot disk I downloaded, including the original machine disks, simply would not turn into bootable OS installation volumes. Almost makes me ashamed! Thanks so much. Yes the procedure is simple — once you have the correct software! I recommend Carbon Copy Cloner to get things done.

Unfortunately the hard drive is missing but when plugged into a monitor and powered on it shows the smiley face and a question mark. I have downloaded the OS9 software mentioned above with a windows machine. Any help greatly appreciated. The System Software linked here is not a bootable disk image.

Hi Adam, I have made a little progress. I have installed a hard drive in the G4 and borrowed a PowerBook G4 set of install disks from a friend. I guess it may be for a different processor.

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  8. Unfortunately it still wont boot and I just get a question mark. Is it possible to somehow extract the files and copy to the Hard Drive in my G4 so it will boot. Thanks for any help, my knowledge of Macs seems to have faded badly. The items available on Macintosh Garden for download are copies of the proper System Folder and Applications Mac OS 9 , which you should just be able to copy over to the Mac formatted disk.

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    The use of a PC to do the downloads and transfers may cause problems. I am a graphic designer running OS 9. Is there a transfer solution for large files that will work with OS 9. Thank you for any help you can render. Netscape 7 is very outdated, Classilla less so. You might also consider using a USB Flash drive to copy files from your old Mac to a newer computer, that may be the easiest option.

    I also have a G4 desktop, just been given. Is there any way to transfer the installed applications without the install discs to the newer machine? Yes, you can use AppleShare via Ethernet to transfer the files. I still ran into a few pitfalls, so I made a guide that covers some of those. Here you go:. Use Disk Utility to partition the disk. Make sure you check the box to install the OS 9 drivers. Open os9. This will update the OS to work with Classic, and test that it is working correctly. Stop Classic, then go back to the System Preferences and choose Startup.

    Select the OS 9 partition as the boot OS, and hit the restart button. The system should now default boot to OS 9. Notes: It is sometimes difficult to eject the CD. Holding the left mouse button on boot normally opens the drive. If this fails to work, you can open the CD from open firmware mode. Boot to open firmware mode by holding Command-Option-O-F during startup.

    How to create a bootable macOS Mojave USB Install drive [9to5Mac]

    Once you are at the command line, type eject cd. I know it had been a while since you have published this, but I am curious if you think at this late date I could find a clean OS disk along with Mac 9 for my Powerbook.

    Hi Harold, your best bet for finding the software you need is to browse the Macintosh Garden master page of Mac OS 9 installers. There are many disk images there:. Jose F. Have you sent feedback to Macintosh Garden about this issue? Hello Adam, just wanted to simply post my thanks and appreciation for your efforts in keeping this page and its links active.

    For the benefit of those reading this, the information and downloadable.

    Format Your Hard Drive in Mac OS 9

    Those G4 machines never die, built like tanks! Once the drives or partitions are setup correctly, yes you should be able to copy all Mac OS 9 files while running OS X. Nothing more than a Finder copy is needed. In those transfers the resource forks can be lost, affecting files and applications.

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    I have a question. I recently acquired an old iMac g3 from the trash. Is there any way to put it back into single user mode without the owner password or to reset the owner password? It is running os 9. If your iMac has a FireWire port you can connect it to another Mac using Target Disk Mode, or boot the machine from another compatible FireWire disk to access the internal drive. If not, removing the drive from the computer will be necessary to make any changes.

    USB card in Mac OS - PCI Power Mac & Performa - 68kMLA Forums

    Backing up automatically, let's say every hour, and retain old copies of data Sounds like Time Machine to me! Indeed, it is exactly like that, without the fancy animations you have in Time Machine these days, of course.

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    Clone the whole system daily, synchronize select folders and backup folders with often changing contents while retaining as many copies as you want.